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    In 2015, Yama posted an article on their web site supporting the use of jack plates. Can't find that article anywhere now. Does anyone know about the article or use of jack plate?
    Thinking about using one for a new Alumacraft trophy 195 and yama F200

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    I would not use one on a wood transom.


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      Regardless of what Yamaha says, there is no downside to the use of jack plates (unless you consider the cost of the plates and rigging), provided you use on that is designed for your application. The upside(s) are several. If your boat can tolerate setback, this moves the prop(s) back to cleaner water for more efficient operation. You will likely increase your fuel efficiency, add some to max speed, able to run in shallower water. You can adjust your engine set up based on load; no more worrying about weather your engine is mounted in the correct set of bolt holes.


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        One downside of the use of a jack plate is that bushings may wear more quickly than normal. Most jack plates allow a bit of movement. That is, they are not rigid. The motor being allowed to move more than normal can (not will) result in added wear.

        Some folks will replace the flexible engine mounts on a Yamaha with sold mounts, to reduce the possibility of wearing the original mounts out.

        But of course it depends upon the boat and the usage pattern. Running 70 plus miles an hour with the motor jacked up as far as possible is a contributing cause.

        I don't think that Yamaha would take a position for or against jack plates. Some will argue that a jack plate is the same as a hydro foil bolted to the anti-ventilation plate. That is, it is a band aid approach for a bigger problem. I don't share that view.

        One Yamaha owned company, Skeeter Boats, equips some models with jack plates right out of the factory. Folks want them. Skeeter fills that want.


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          Wonder if G2 uses them also? Mowing grass, no time to research.....


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            G3 Boats? Their catalog shows them as options. Happens to be a plant about 25 miles form where I live.
            Keep life simple, eat, sleep, fish, repeat!


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              Yep whatever. G2 or G3 boats. 220 volts or 221. Whichever one is owned by Yamaha.


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                Originally posted by pstephens46 View Post
                Wonder if G2 uses them also? Mowing grass, no time to research.....
                You got Evinrudeitus it appears.


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                  Originally posted by boscoe99 View Post
                  You got Evinrudeitus it appears.
                  Maybe that's it. I've been thinking of a repower on this Century. 200 G2.
                  Worried about all that torsional torquiness of that G2. Could snap the transom clean off the boat. Transom and G2 headed off onto the horizon. Remember that they need little to no fuel or oil. Coast Guard would have to be warned of a rampaging G2 and transom charging about the Sargasso Sea.

                  Not sure the insurance company would take the risk.


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                    the jackplate on my 21 seapro works well.
                    if the depth sounder shows 18" I can tuck the motor,set the jack at 3" put the tabs full down and slam the throttle and I wont touch bottom.
                    when I am hunting Drum in the shallows I can actually play with the trim and the jack so the hull will take up before the prop.