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Purchasing a boat with F225 2005

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  • Purchasing a boat with F225 2005

    I am interested in buying a boat with a f225, I had the motor checked and they found corrosion in mid section. Yami mechanic said that he would just keep an eye on it for the next few years. They replaced both thermastates and the water pump. Can someone look at the photo’s and tell me what they think? Ive negotiated 2000 to complete exhaust repair if necessary but need help.20171116_105614_resized.jpg




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    Any help will be appreciated.


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      Someone will likely have some advice for you shortly. I wonder what material the exhaust is made of?


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        Ive researched that heck out of this subject. Its super common. I am planning on getting the exhaust redone when I purchase and the owner and yami mechanic and surveyor said that its not that bad yet. To just keep an eye on it.


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          Fairdeal will be along shortly to render his judgement. He is the F225 expert here.


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            I have a pair of f225 03 . The exhaust is around 3k each. it shows signs of corrosion . I believe the early signs of failure is over heat. This is so common a failure I wouldn't mess with it just have it done .


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              the corrosion is certainly well underway - IMO addressing at this time would not be "unreasonable"

              but sure, you could wait until it eats through and you start losing water pressure.
              No one can say how long that will be - its taken 12 years to get to this point...

              parts cost, the "kit" of all exhaust parts is ~$700 - plus maybe another $50-100 for corroded mounting bolts.

              many people have felt that while they were paying a shop to remove the powerhead for the exhaust work, they may as well pro-actively have the crankshaft speedi-sleeve (~$35) installed - which means a new oil pump ($300)

              So with shop labor, that's how some get to $3000.

              But if you have means to lift the powerhead, some tools and the Service Manual, its a simple DIY job. Slowly and methodically, less than two full days.


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                Since the boat is a single engine boat (not twins) and since it is now Winter, based on your photos - I'd see if I could get the job done before Spring. This will give you peace of mind. You might get a season or two out of it but face it - you're gonna have the job done anyway right? I'd do it in the off season (like this Winter) and be done with it. The corrosion looks to be pretty far along. Good that you negotiated an allowance. Just my two cents. Good luck,
                Grady-White 330 Express


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                  the kit is about 700 bucks, can be had cheaper.
                  the labor is about 8 hrs. you most likely will need the upper and lower mounting bolts.
                  any more than 8 hours and someone is milking it.
                  can be done by a trained monkey. job is not difficult but you will need the tech bulliten for gasket ID and a SM for torqure specs.
                  also go ahead and buy the dowl pins between the adapter and the lower plate. the kit only comes with 4 dowls and it takes 6 and the dowls in the adapter wont come out willingly.