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25 Yamaha shift adjustment

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  • 25 Yamaha shift adjustment

    Changed out water pump and pumps well like it should. All good but need some idea of adjustment. Is there a specific adjustment ? It's like it doesn't go fully in reverse. Thanks in advance

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    Put the lower unit in reverse by pushing down on the shift shift cam assembly as far as it will go. Maybe rotate the propeller in reverse to help the cam do its magic.

    Make sure the control lever is in reverse.

    Install the lower unit.

    Screw the coupling nut down from the shift rod to the shift cam assembly so that the nut is equally onto both parts. Prevent the coupling nut from turning while turning the jam nut upwards until it makes contact with the coupling nut.

    In the future remove the lower unit with the motor in reverse. Don't mess with either the lower unit shift mechanism or the mid-section mechanism. It will then all go together according to Hoyle.


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      Thanks i'll sure give it a try


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        You're not the only OP who's had troubles joining the shift shaft and drive shaft on models like yours. When I had a 25hp I encountered the same issue. Joining those 2 shafts with the barrel nut is a pain in the arse. Follow boscoes sugguestions, he's got the procedure right on.
        1998 S115TLRW + 1976 Aquasport 170