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  • HPDI rebuild

    Looking to send my 200 HPDI to Chris Carson's outboard motor in Key Largo for a rebuild I see a lot of good reviews. Has anyone had a motor rebuilt by him that could confirm what I see on different review sites? Thanks

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    I have not had him do any work for me personally but from frequenting another forum he is well thought of. He certainly is open and responsive. I would not have any doubts about using him.


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      Where are you shipping from.? I paid $2,600 for my rebuild although I I've been stymied by a electrical issue I can't say it's the rebuilders fault


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        the hardest part of rebuilding any motor is finding a machinest that can properly bore and prep the block for assy.
        after that a monkey can assemble it.


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          Thanks for your feedback. I've shipped my block to Carson's with all the positive reviews I've found on this shop I feel I will get the best results. I post my experience as I proceed


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            Where are you located?

            I had an engine that he rebuilt and also bought another engine from him. Not sure if he rebuilt that one but it had been rebuilt. Both good results. Good guy to deal with.

            At one time he offered a pick up and drop off service in Florida. He'd come to your house, remove the powerhead, drive back, rebuilt it, tank test it and then drive back and reinstall and test again. All for the same price other rebuilders were offering for rebuilt powerheads.