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Tilt/Trim problem

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  • Tilt/Trim problem

    My tilt trim motor seems to run on it's own, mainly on early morning start up; it will run for several seconds & stop; it can also be stopped by pushing the button on the throttle handle or the switch on the side of the cowling. Is there a way the check either switch to see if that's the problem. My motor is a 2003 150 HP 2 stroke.
    After several minutes of running it will usually stop. The switch on the cowling is very sensitive, barely touching it, up or down can cause it to work. Relays are clicking and have full power

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    my bet is one of the switch's are failing due to water intrusion/corrosion.
    unplug them one at a time and see if the issue is resolved.


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      I agree with Rodbolt
      start at the one on motor since it is so sensitive


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        i have a 2003 200 did the same. switch on the motor went bad