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Loss of Mojo and WOT Top End.

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  • Loss of Mojo and WOT Top End.

    The Mojo bit I got. I'm ancient. Farting dust, creaky joints, CRS disorder and all that.

    The WOT, I don't got.

    Injectors pulled and cleaned about 50-60 hours ago (spring of this year). Nothing but top tier fuel and Startron since then.
    New fuel filters.
    Zero water found in the Racors all summer.
    Boat starts great.
    Idles great.
    Runs great at all RPM, it just quits at about 51-5200. After the injectors were reinstalled, they were easily turning 56-5800.
    Plugs clean as a whistle.
    Plus, I've lost about 8 mph off the top end.
    Bottom clean as yacht-t-t-t-t lives on a trailer. Zero marine growth.
    Nothing has changed except the loss of spin. I don't diggit.

    Whiskey Tango Fox?

    2005 F225's. Four Strokes. Grey, or is it silver? 6 cylinders each. 12 plugs total.
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    You didn't mention what motor you're having trouble with ?


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      WTF is this engine or engines you are talking about, ser# and model#.
      Believe it does mater.


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        I had a similar issue, thought it was the injectors, 75% of the time, it'd drop from 5900, to about 4,800 on it's own.

        Turned out to be the spark plugs, which looked brand new, less than 200 hours on them...

        New plugs, runs like a top again... I'd of bet $100 that wasn't it (and lost).
        1997 Angler 204 CC, 2006 F150 TXR


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          F225's. 2005. Two.
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            I'll toss in some new plugs. These are factory with 260 hours. Might as well, I've replaced everything else.

            The engines are Yamaha F225's. 2005. Four strokes. I'll post the VIN ASAP.
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              Geez. You guys need to hang out more often. Oldmako has been around for awhile now. Asking him is like asking Fairdeal what engine he has.

              Had to google CRS disorder....
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                While wandering amongst the innerwebs trying to find spark plugs for my 2005 YAMAHA F225TURD FOUR-STROKE engines I was astonished at the prices some vendors charged for the proper spark plug for a 2005 Yamaha F225 engine.

                That got me to thinking, if someone really needed to buy plugs for their 2005 Yamaha F225 four-strokes, (TURD's), why the hell are the plugs (for a 2005 Yamaha F225) so damn expensive?

                Probably the same reason the the 2005 Yamaha F225TURD Low and Hi-pressure fuel pumps (TURD pumps) are in the 400 dollar neighborhood is all that I came with. So, I continued my search for plugs for my 2005 Yamaha F225 engines (four-stroke TURDS) confident that I could find the plugs priced at a more attractive level.

                I am happy to offer this find as payment to all those who have so selfishly helped me with my TURD's. (2005 Yamaha F225 Four-stroke engines).

                $3.10 / each.

                This is the best price I could find. For spark plugs. For a 2005 Yamaha F225TURD engine. Four-strokes.


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                  That price makes the draino cost prohibitive.

                  Surprised you could find those HPDI plugs so cheap.


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                    instead of wasting coin on plugs, buy a fuel rail pressure tester.
                    use it.