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Command Link question

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  • Command Link question

    I have a Yamaha SHO 115 with command link currently set up like page 2-8 of the rigging estimate guide.

    I am wanting to connect my Lowrance to the command link. I am trying to do it without the Gateway. I have the Lowrance NMEA2k to CommandLink wire. I was going to add a Hub Assembly but was wondering if 6Y8-82521-80-00 is all I need.

    Forgive my ignorance if this is completely off base, but thoughts?

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    see if this thread has the answer:


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      Originally posted by fairdeal View Post
      Yes, that is a solution that I should probably just go with. I was just asking about the Y cable as I don't really need the hub and it would be slightly cheaper and probably a cleaner wiring job in my console. I haven't really seen anyone use that y cable though unless they are using the 2 gauge deal.

      If no one really has an answer I may just try it and report back. Worst case I'm out $40.


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        the difficulty with using the y-cable is, its female connectors on all ends -
        and the commercially available "Yamaha to NMEA 2000" adapter cables are also female on the Yamaha end.

        So they won't "plug and play".

        Of course, one could just cut the connectors off and splice/join the wires using conventional techniques.

        There is nothing magical about the particular electrical connectors Yamaha uses - nor NMEA.

        This is how I "adapted" Command Link to NMEA 2000 on my own engine:


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          Thanks fairdeal. Big help!