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2006 F60 efi cold start issue

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  • 2006 F60 efi cold start issue

    Hi All,

    Am newbie to forum, so any advice/help is much appreciated.

    Engine used to start hot,cold or anytime first hit of the key no priming required

    Now very hard to start cold. (Always eventually starts)

    So far have checked fuel lines and connections from tank to engine. Replaced primer bulb (was leaking when squeezed). Also all new fittings from fuel tank to engine. Fuel filter also checked and cleaned. Now primes up with bulb as should. Has also recently had the lift pump replaced.

    Runs great right through rev range once started.

    Cheers and thanks Sean.

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    since it "Runs great right through rev range once started "
    you don't have a fuel supply problem -
    sounds like you have a stoichiometry problem.

    I would want to connect YDS to find out what the ECM is seeing from its sensors;
    air temp, engine temp, MAP, TPS
    and also run the IAC active test