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Yamaha F225 Antifreeze?

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  • Yamaha F225 Antifreeze?

    Re: Yamaha F225TXRB EFI

    I have read the winterization / preparation threads. I have a question regarding antifreeze which is not mentioned.

    Must I feed antifreeze through the cooling system using muffs until I am sure the engine has reached operating temperature (thermostat open)? If so, how do I know when the engine has reached operating temp? If no antifreeze is required - how can I be assured that NO water remains in the system with the thermostat closed?

    Also I would appreciate any comments on the professional preparation I received last year.

    Last year was my first year with my Yamaha F225. To prepare for winter I changed the engine oil, gear case oil, and fuel filters, and I added lots of fuel conditioner to my fuel tank. I greased all fittings and prop shaft. I then had a local authorized dealer complete the winterization, and I watched while he performed his procedure.

    First he pulled the fuel line off the engine filter and he attached a 2 gallon fuel tank with what he described as “special” treatment. By “ special” he said his treatment obviates the need for fogging AND treats the fuel. Second he wheeled a big tray under the motor and he attached muffs. The hose attached to the muffs led to a 50 gallon drum of antifreeze positioned above the boat. There was a bilge pump in the tray that pumped the Yamaha-discharged antifreeze back into the 50 gallon drum.

    He started the motor and left it at idle for I would guess 15 minutes while the motor circulated antifreeze and “special” fuel treatment. At that point the Yamaha overheat alarm went off and he promptly shut the engine off. He re-attached the fuel line and called it “done”.

    I am uncomfortable with this procedure. I am skeptical re: the “special” fuel treatment. I don’t like running the motor until it overheats. And it is now apparent to me from the forum thread that there is much more to be done (e.g. fogging, draining VST, etc.) to properly prepare for months of winter storage. Your thoughts please.

    Thanks in advance. Robin