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  • Remote Oil Pressure Light

    I just replaced 2 1989 9.9 hp Yamaha outboards with 2 new 9.9 Yamaha outboards. I have 2 remote ignition switches with a light above each. With my old outboards the light lit up when the outboards were running. Now with my new outboards and 10 pin harness, it does not light up. I have tried to connect all of the unused wires to no avail. Should one of them work or do I have to run a separate harness for the remote oil pressure light. The new outboards are much quieter and because they are under cover, I can't tell if they are running or not. You wouldn't think that is a problem, except I have had intermittent issues with starting the new outboards and I would like to see the light to know they are operating. Anyone know what I can do? These are auxiliary outboards on a sailboat/catamaran.

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    http:// Use link. I tried to post a picture of the ignition switch and light above it.
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      New switches

      I should add, that I replaced the ignition switches as well, since the new outboards need a push to choke switch and the older ones had an automatic choke. I am also aware that installing a tachometer that has this light would be one way to solve this issue, but the cost of 2 tachs and their harness is not appealing to me.
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        Could you post the identification model and serial number on these engines please.

        My buddy just put two 9.9 hp on his cat sailboat. But he also put in two new Yamaha RPM gauges as well.

        If I am reading your post right.. the old engines, when running just supplied 12v power to a light to tell you they where running?

        Pretty sure your engine will have a oil pressure light LED right on the front of the engine cowl. This only lights up when the oil pressure is low and will not be on normally.


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          I am talking about the oil pressure light. There is one on the outboards as you mentioned, but I can not see the outboards from the helm, so I want to use the oil pressure light that is just above my ignition switches, shown in the picture. They are remote oil pressure lights. It should only light up when the engine is running. I think you are talking about an auxiliary light? I do not have tachometers on my boat.
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            The control box or key switch panel should have a warning horn to provide an aural warning in the event of low oil pressure or high engine temperature. Yamaha tachometers or lights at the dash can also be added to indicate the reason for the alarm.

            Now if you are want a light that is illuminated when the motor is running but goes out when the motor is not running then it would be a simple matter to install a diode in the circuit that recharges a battery. The diode will allow a light to be powered if and when the motor is running but it would not allow the battery to power the light when the motor is off. Motor running = light on. Motor off = light off.

            But it would have nothing whatsoever to do with oil pressure.


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              Thats one way to do it!


              You understand my need. I would prefer to relay the oil pressure light on my outboard to the oil pressure light above my ignition switch to provide full functionality and also have a way to monitor when my outboard is running.

              All else fails, I just need to google the simple matter of "inserting a diode", which makes perfect sense as you described. I just haven't done something like that before, but I never fiber glassed, sewed canvas, etc., either before owning a boat! There's got to be a You Tube video of that somewhere!

              If anyone else knows a way to transfer the functionality of the oil pressure light on the outboard to the remote oil pressure light, I am all ears. I was just hoping there was some wire in the harness that could do that, since it worked with the previous outboard, albeit with a 7 pin harness (no tilt/trim).


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                Need the complete model identity of your specific motors. Not all Yamaha's are alike.


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                  Sir, please correct me if I am wrong, but are you saying that on your old engines there is an "oil pressure light" that was ON when the engine was running? If so, that would seem very strange to me....

                  How would you know that you had a oil pressure problem if the said light was on all the time, would it go out? That would be the complete opposite of every oil pressure light I ever seen. Oil pressure low..light on.Oil pressure normal...light off.

                  Maybe I am completely misunderstanding what you are saying..

                  As for you new engines, the oil pressure light is going to be off until you have oil pressure problem then it will light up and go into rpm reduction mode.

                  Only way I can see of rigging out an "remote running light" is with an inductive pickup on a plug wire.

                  Mr Boscoe has a diode plan and I am sure he will enlighten how and where to install that in the system to produce a running light only...

                  Like he said please provide engine ID information as not all Yamahas are not the same....


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                    these motors must be 4 strokes to have oil pressure.
                    the old tiller motors had lights on them, but remote motors did not from what I believe.

                    as was said post complete model #s
                    so others know what motors you are dealing with


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                      like Boscoe said. need a full model number.
                      not all Yamaha motors worked the same way over the years.
                      the old tiller stuff had a green LED that was on when oil pressure was ok.
                      later stuff used a red led that was on when stuff was not ok.
                      I cannot open the image but I have never seen a key switch with a light.

                      but as it is on a blow boat I expect the cheapest rigging imaginable.
                      wind is free and everything else outta be.


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                          Originally posted by rodbolt17 View Post

                          but as it is on a blow boat I expect the cheapest rigging imaginable.
                          wind is free and everything else outta be.
                          Are you implying that the purchase of three gallons of diesel does not entitle someone to 300 pounds of ice, use of a courtesy car for several days, hot unlimited showers, clothes washer and dryer, and maybe tie up at a slip for several nights, all at no additional charge? Oh, and some free technical advice so as to get the Yam up and running. Should not take the mechanic more than an hour or so of his complimentary time.


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                            OK... I will work on getting the exact model numbers. In the mean time, the old outboards are 1989 model 9.9 hp high thrust models with remote ignition and throttle (not tiller). The new outboards are 2016 T9.9 high thrust models with remote ignition and throttle.

                            Maybe I was wrong about the lights above the ignition as shown in the picture. They illuminated "green" when the outboards were on. When I got the boat, the outboards were visible, so I guess I am not sure what purpose those light were for if not oil pressure. It was somehow operated by one of the wires in the old 7 pin harness. There was no separate wires leading to the light.

                            Thanks guys!


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                              In the original model the light was green if and when there was oil pressure. Light went out if and when oil pressure was lost. Hopefully, the only reason the light went out was because the motor stopped running.

                              Things change over time. Lack of a light is normal. Presence of a light means something is amiss.

                              With newer models a tachometer light or icon, or standalone light (on the motor or at the dash), is illuminated if and when oil pressure is lost. Modus operandi is (1) the horn sounds, (2) the motor goes into RPM reduction mode, (3) the operator retards the throttle while simultaneously (4) looking at the warning light/icon to verify the cause for the horn sounding, before (5) immediately turning the ignition switch off.