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F70 Spinning, Metallic Noise

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  • F70 Spinning, Metallic Noise

    2013 F70 up here in Mid Coast Maine.. Starting to scare me a bit.. Now, as the boat (17' Tidewater) planes out and engine reaches around 4,000 RPM, I begin to hear a very unpleasant spinning, rattling/scraping/abrasive noise coming from the engine.. My ear tells me it's up in the flywheel area, possibly below.. But you never know with numerous sounds coming from back there really! I'm quite nervous about it, 'cause I'm stumped and Can't seem to figure her out.
    If anyone has a clue, or a second.. I'd appreciate it very much.

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    Video/audio would be helpful.

    Have you run the motor without cowling to try to isolate this racket?

    I'd be nervous too...


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      I would be looking for where the noise is coming from by taking things off


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        Remove upper cowling and run the motor....I'd be looking in the area of the flywheel for something loose or dragging on or underneath it....