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What is this? 200 vmax or not.. ECU/Harness needed!

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  • What is this? 200 vmax or not.. ECU/Harness needed!

    Baught this lump with some issues..Trying to determine what engine it actually is. It looks like a Vmax, but tags are as for an std HPDI.. Also the shaft is 20" and black as for an vmax. This is a European model, i do not know if they used VZ for Vmax here though..

    Would there be any method to actually identify this?

    The reason for trying to find out this is:

    The ecu and harness has been cut and spliced, ECU has wires connected directly (no plugs) and has been molded/sealed. Weather this ecu is the correct i do not know yet, but it is the one on the added picture.

    It misses spark on one plug, coils are ok and all injectors fires. and i want to tidy up. So i search for an new ECU and harness! I did buy ecu and harness from an 2003, but did not do my homework properly...

    Any help or tip is most appreciated!
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