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  • Warning System Questions

    This week I did some maintenance on the Precision Blend system on my 200TXRR. Drained the main tank, replaced the seal, cleaned the remote tank, replaced the strainer and refilled it with fresh oil. The pump refilled the main tank to the MAX line and stopped, but it exceeded the 180 minutes by 20 seconds. I'm not sure if the pump was stopped by SW1 or by the timer. Is it common for the timer to be off by some period of time? Can this be adjusted? If SW1 failed and the pump kept going, it could make a mess.

    My other question concerns the overheat indicator. The instructions that came with the tach are vague. I am not seeing a bar over the temp symbol. I was concerned about this and then I saw this tidbit on THT: "Do you have four bars across the bottom of the display on the gauge when you first turn it on? If so, the left hand bar is for over temp. It will normally not be seen. You should only see the three bars to the right. If you get an over temp condition the warning horn should sound, the engine will go into RPM reduction mode and the left hand bar will illuminate in a flashing manner." Is this correct - there is no indicator unless there is an overheat condition?


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    not all tachs had an overtemp visual.
    it is simple, unplug the pink wire at a thermoswitch, ground the harness side and turn the key on.
    you should get an audible and if equipped a visual.


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      If you have the latest conventional multi-function tachometer advice for it can be found in a later owner's manual. For instance page 2-10 of this one:


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        OK - thanks. Should I be concerned about the remote pump exceeding 180 seconds?


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          from dead empty, it should have done it in 180 but if it got close I would not sweat it .


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            Sounds good - thanks.


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              I would drain it just far enough to make the pump kick on to let it fill up again just to make sure the float switches will start and stop it correctly.