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  • Yamaha F250 help

    Last weekend after running offshore all day we stopped to clean fish. After cleaning fish I stepped in the boat and started the motors but the starboard engine would turn over but didn't start. I tried several times, but it never started. Plenty of fuel in the tank it was running off of. Went ahead and loaded the boat up to trailer it home. It's a 04 36 Contender with trip 2006 Yamaha F250s. Decided to changes every filter on the boat. Fuel water separators, fuel filter in front of motor, f shaped filter going to the VST and also the micro filter in the VST tank. I have the Yamaha YDS software so I performed a code diagnosis but didn't show any codes. I also then checked the high pressure fuel pump and also the low pressure feed pump via the YDS software. I could hear both pumps running . I then pumped up the fuel bulb and cranked it up. I didn't start..... I checked all the hoses and connections to look and see if I missed anything, but all was correct. Pumped up the fuel bulb again and cranked on it again..... nothing!

    I then opened the YDS system again and again I checked both fuel pumps and could hear both running fine. I then attempted to start it up again and it started up fine this time. I let it run on the hose for about 5 minutes then turned it off. Let it sit for about 5 minutes and tried to start it again and it wouldn't start. Primer bulb was good and hard. So I decided to check the fuel pumps again with the YDS. Again they both ran fine. Went to start the motor again and it started right up. So it seems every time I check the fuel pumps with the YDS and try to crank it afterwards, it cranks up. Disconnected the YDS and tried to start, nothing ........ thoughts ?

    Guess what, now my middle motor is doing the exact same thing...... turns over fine, but doesn't start......

    Port motor starts and runs fine .....

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    my guess is water does not burn well.

    have you check fuel pressures to make sure they are in speck