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Stalling 2006 Yamaha LF150TXR

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  • Stalling 2006 Yamaha LF150TXR

    My Yamaha 2006 LF150TXR port motor with 206 hrs that runs great for several trips, then randomly when running on plane for anywhere between 10 minutes to 45 minutes the port motor RPMs will drop until it stalls. When I go to restart, it will start and stall repeatedly. After being shut off for awhile, between an 1 hour to 3 hours, the motor will run perfectly again. Crazy!

    I have twin fuel tanks dedicated to each motor. We have replaced a very corroded vent on port side tank and thought that was it, but issue came back.

    Before this issue, the port motor would not reach WOT, only 4500 - 5000, until the filters in the VAT were replaced/serviced. But now I have this random stalling issue at plane.

    Anyone experience this issue or have good idea of what is causing issue?

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    my guess would be a clogged VST filter or lack of fuel in the VST.