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2007 F150 low pressure at telltale

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  • 2007 F150 low pressure at telltale

    Have just completely replaced waterpump, housing etc. have low telltale pressure. This was happening before we replaced this and we had overheating problems a long way from the boatramp. Any suggestions

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    Has it overheated since replacement of the pump?

    Do you get the audible alarm(horn) and rpm reduction?

    Have you inspected/tested thermostat and poppet (PCV) valve?

    When does it overheat? High/low rpm?

    What does water stream look like? Steady stream or dribble?

    Lots of questions....


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      Plus 1 on the PCV valve. That leaking will not allow full water flow to the power head....

      Are you testing the new pump in the water or on muffs?

      If on the muffs, even with a lot of pressure/volume, the F150 never really had a super strong stream.

      Her's my 06, on muffs (about 60 PSI water pressure with 3/4" hose):

      Is yours close to that?

      Also, you mentioned replacing the "housing".

      Besides the SS cup (which resides in it), that was replaced correct, (and properly clocked?)
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