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F225 Power Trim Issue

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  • F225 Power Trim Issue

    My F225 TXRC Power Tilt and Trim is having issues in the down direction. Before I took it apart, the power tilt would work normally in the down direction and then the power trim would work normally in the down direction for about 1/2 of the stroke and then the PT motor would make the sound like it was at the end of its stroke. I would stop for 10 seconds and it would work normally for the rest of the stroke. Seems like fluid is getting stuck in a relief valve.

    I took the unit apart and cleaned it thoroughly and put fresh fluid in it with the same result. I then took apart the hydraulic pump and cleaned it completely and found that the "Screw, Valve Lock" on the Up and Down Relief Valves were at very different positions. One was about 1/2 way out and very loose. The other was turned completely inside the housing about 2 threads... I tightened both sides and the system still goes up fine, the Tilt still comes down fine, but now the Trim locks immediately after the Tilt hits bottom. I feel like I'm on to something as I have made a change, just in the wrong direction...

    I cannot find any literature in Yamaha Service guides on how to torque or set the "Screw, Valve Locks". Any help on this would be appreciated. also, if there is something else I need to look at that can cause my problem, please let me know that as well.