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2005 Yamaha 225 Leaking Oil down midsection

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  • 2005 Yamaha 225 Leaking Oil down midsection

    Hi there,


    about a month ago, i hit a reef up here in Vancouver BC. was going about 20 knots, destroyed the entire leg. Replaced the leg, and the boat ran perfectly for the next 60 hours or so.

    And then, one day i turned off the engine and large oil patch about 5 metres (15 feet for you americans) around the engine.

    Took it back to the mechanic, replaced the oil pump, crank seal and 5 other seals.

    But after all that it is still leaking oil down the midsection and the mechanic is giving up on it, doesnt want to waste any more time trying to diagnose the issue.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!

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    what kind of oil is leaking?
    where is it leaking from?


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      Was the driveshaft replaced with a new or used part? Any vibration running the boat after the first repair?


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        if it is leaking down the drive shaft simply look just below the steering tiller.
        if it warped an oil pan it requires oil pan daissasembly.
        if it is leaking into the lower cowl it requires observation.