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'93-'93 L200TXRQ Oil pump link hole?

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  • '93-'93 L200TXRQ Oil pump link hole?

    Need some guidance on which hole in the carb lever the oil pump link did goes in.
    I just installed a rebuilt power head on my port L200 carb motor and had a box of spare parts from a friend with a used set of carbs. On my stbd motor which has been running fine the retainer clip and rod are in the hole closest to the shaft. On the used carbs in my spare parts. I'd the rid is in the outer most hole. I have the shop manual for this model year and I am going through the oil pump adjustment procedure but it does not mention which of the 2 holes on the carb lever the link rod should go in. The pictures in the manual only show a single hole.
    Any help is appreciated.