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Water Pump: long time until water comes out pee hole

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  • Water Pump: long time until water comes out pee hole

    I just bought a new to me 05 F150 with 323 hours on it and it is the first Yamaha outboard I have owned. I notice when I am in the water and start the motor it takes anywhere from 30-45 seconds for water to start coming out the pee hole. There are no overheat alarms and the motor runs great. Is this a normal chars stick or should I be concerned about it.

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    It is not abnormal at all. It simply takes time for the pump to fill the block with water and for water to make its way through some rubber tubing to the fuel cooler and then through some more rubber tubing to the pee hole.


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      Awesome, thank you!


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        With care outboards can easily last decades; however, overheating can destroy one within minutes.

        Water pump impellers are a maintenance item intended for routine replacement similar to an auto air filter. Even if failure doesn't result in damage, threads here discuss issues from pieces being carried throughout the engine. For an '05, if you don't know the age of the water pump, I suggest you consider replacing it. A good friend and charter captain replaces his annually and recommends every three years for the recreational boater.

        Same for the crankcase oil and lower end gear oil if for only to insure seals are good.

        The costs are insignificant compared to consequences.

        If the F150 came with a boat, I also suggest inspecting the fuel hose, primer bulb and components from tank to outboard connector. Plenty of threads here and elsewhere on the consequences of E10 fuel. For me replacing all was cheaper than a failed trip.

        Most of the time I check spark plugs they're fine, but since they're cheap and more damage occurs from pulling them to wires and heads than from any other of my experiences, I just put in new ones.