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1992 Yamaha 115 outboard question

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  • 1992 Yamaha 115 outboard question

    Hello I'm new here just signed up today
    I have a 1992 Yamaha V4 115 2stroke it's been sitting for 5 years with the motor tilted up. I took the plastic peice on the front of the carboraters off and the 2stroke mixing oil started pouring out of the carboraters. Anyone know why this happened? Thank you.

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    which of these 92 motors is the model you have?


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      Referencing the above post, you can locate the plate on the engines bracket which lists the model #. If you're standing behind the engine this plate will be on the left side. After you've found out your model #, reply back to this post and we'll be able to help you out.

      I recon the "plastic piece" you're referring to is the silencer. And the reason oil is leaking from the carb intake, most likely, is because the engine has been tilted UP for 5 years. Thus placing the oil's main tank higher than the carbs. After 5 years of this, gravity will overcome just about anything.
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          Gravity makes sense.

          The model is 115TLRQ gravity That makes sense. Thank for the reply. I'm gonna clean the carbs and tilt up for a day or two to see if any oil comes out again. If leaks by again it's something else besides gravity right? Any suggestions on blowing out the gas line from the tank back? Also the steering wheel won't turn the motor. It's stuck. This has happened before and I replaced the whole cable from the steering wheel to the motor but that was a big pain. Is there a way to lub that cable the free it up? Thank you guys.


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            a pic of the leak at carbs would help,
            is it coming out of more than one carb?
            exactly where on the carb is it coming from?

            maybe a oil check valve is bad or has something holding it open

            take the line off the tank fitting and the motor blow it out then.
            you will still need to drain the tank completely and clean it, along with filters,pumps, and lines on motor,

            take the steering link off at the motor and see if the motor will turn since it has a fairly new cable.

            if motor by itself turns easily then the cable is probably stuck in the tube at motor.
            Rust grows in that tube binding up the movement of the cable


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              Oil the carbs again

              Thanks for the help. I fixed the steering cable and I rebuilt the carbs. I put the carbs back on and tilled the motor back up fo 10 min and in that time a little bit of 2 stroke oil leaked in the carbs again. Is there check valves some where I can check. Thanks


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                yes there is that is why I mentioned it.
                some are in the oil pump and some are in the lines