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225 lower unit fit a 250?

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  • 225 lower unit fit a 250?

    I have a 225 4 stroke with a bad power head and a 250 with a bad lower unit. Looks to me that the lower unit from the 225 will bolt right up to the 250. Does anyone know if there is any known problems from doing the swap, e.g. gear ratio, shift diameter, spline count?

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    It will be plug and play. No problemo.

    The main difference is that early year 3.3l F250 gear cases used a single pair of water inlets. Yamaha then switched to a dual pair of water inlets for the 3.3l F250.

    All 3.3l F200/F225 gear cases use a single pair of water inlets.

    I ran a dual water inlet pair 3.3l F250 on my 3.3l F200 and the motor, the boat and the boat operator could tell no difference whatsoever.

    When it comes to replacing the water pump just follow the parts book for the 3.3l F200/F225. There are a view differences.


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      thank you can you clarify

      If I have dual pair water intake on the 250 and the 225 lower unit is a single pair water intake, will it function and cool just as well or do I have to reroute the second water intake on the 250. I assume the two water intakes go to the same water jacket so the only difference is less water going through the single intake versus the dual?


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        All water path roads lead to the water pump. One path or two paths, makes no difference. Either model motor gets its water from one water tube. It neither knows nor cares how many inlets are down below.


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          YDS will show all kinds of water codes.
          the ECU knows.


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            will the erroneous codes create other components to change, e.g. the rpm is restricted because the ECU thinks the lower intakes are plugged?
            I know this commuters are pretty sensitive?


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              Originally posted by rodbolt17 View Post
              YDS will show all kinds of water codes.
              the ECU knows.

              Rodbolt - what do you mean by this?


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                I took it as a joke.

                only ones I know of would be for not enough water somewhere(overheat)

                I believe Suzuki had low water level in block on some models


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                  I suspect that the flow sensor and pressure sensor in the mid-section will be detecting a water flow anomaly and will immediately put the motor into self preservation mode.

                  The ECU will then activate an internal EPIRB module embedded within the ECU and notify the authorities that help is needed immediately. The authorities will hot link the message to Yamaha who will fly the Yamacopter to the boat with a mechanic on board to resolve the issue. A mechanic of at least the stature of Mr. Rodbolt.


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                    there are people out there that say robotic technology in the near future will have chips embedded in all devices that will communicate to each other about everything thru the" internet of things".
                    we all can get rich by investing in this.

                    Kind of reminds me of the terminator ******(shows)


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                      The US government will soon be putting a GPS chip and a proximity chip into everyone's ass. GPS will report this continuously to the NSA who will collect the metadata. Similarly, the proximity chip will be detected by devices all around the country. The proximity data will be used to correlate the GPS data.

                      The government can then know where everyone is at all times. No need to ask Mr. Jones where he was at 1534 hours on 23 July 2016? By the same token, they can simply assess a particular location (lat/long) and be given a list of all folks that were in that area at a particular point in time.

                      If you have nothing to hide, what's the problem?


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                        Just think about the time savings when you are caught in an avalanche or earthquake and are buried up. they can find you a lot quicker or at least your body.

                        saw something the other day about a monitor that reads heart beats for helping find people buried in rubble after earthquakes, very interesting piece of equipment


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                          thanks I'm going to give this a trey and Ill report back