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Voltage not steady, jumping

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  • Voltage not steady, jumping

    I have a Yamaha outboard 75 hp on my pontoon boat. I have a good battery. Lately my voltage has been all over the place. It constantly hovers at random intervals between 12v and 16v. The lights on the dash also flicker along with the uneven voltage reading. Help

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    sounds like an unregulated voltage.
    which might throw suspicion on the "voltage regulator"...

    but personally I would first put some effort into carefully checking my electrical wiring -
    battery cables and connectors, engine connections, both hot and ground.

    "Flickering" sounds like more than a difference of 2,3,4 volts...


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      Were the offending beast mine, I'd start at the battery. Pull and thoroughly clean each connector and post. As in clean with a fine wire brush or sandpaper etc. Then refasten and coat with dielectric, fluid-film, vaseline etc.

      Then keep going toward the engine and pay particular attention to the grounds. In marine electrics, cleanliness is next to, uh, er, proper op-liness.