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Engine shut down failure

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  • Engine shut down failure

    I have. 92 90 horse jet that stopped shutting down when key was turned off.
    Kill switch would not do it, and now after replacing the start relay and the entire 703 remote relay box it still does not shut down.
    Barring putting in a kill switch to cut off coils,mthere should be a simple solution. Indorse that in then10 pin connection there was one female pin that got hot on the engine side and slightly melted around pin. My next move was to replace this.
    Any thoughts?

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    '92 is some ways back - but if Yamaha did it the same as more recently,
    your engine kill requires grounding the white wire in the 10-pin harness
    via the black wire

    "one pin that got hot on the engine side and slightly melted" sounds like there was a short circuit - which may be another problem.

    but certainly if you do not have good continuity, from controls to engine,
    for both the black and the white, you can not stop the engine.