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2002 F115. - Tach Kit...

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  • 2002 F115. - Tach Kit...

    Question on Single Gauge Tach / Wiring Kit??? For 2002 F115.
    Just re powered Boat with 2002 F115.
    Tach Kit I had supplied with it: 6Y8-WIRES-07-KT.
    Is this compatible with Year 2002 Model? or an adapter kit to make it work?
    My Motor does not have any Plugs available to just Plug & Play....
    If not what kit do I need?
    Any input, much appreciated,

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    A 6Y8 kit or gauge is what is known as Command Link. It works with HPDI's and EFI four strokes from 2006 and later. Therefore, not compatible with your motor.

    Your motor will work with a Yamaha analog gauge or a Yamaha multi-function 6Y5 gauge. Your motor should have two connectors in the engine pan that will connect to a harness that runs to either tachometer to activate the low oil pressure light/icon, the over temperature light/icon and the trim bars.

    6YR-W0035-E1-00 kit might be what you want.
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