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How much salt in one gallon of seawater?

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  • How much salt in one gallon of seawater?

    No wonder engines plug up...corny video but watch to the end and see how much salt is left and how it sticks to metal...

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    And it acts as an acid. It likes to eat aluminium and other metals. Even aeroplanes that spend a good bit of life far above the briney blue.

    Some folks wonder why outboard motors get corroded after being in use for about 10 years. I wonder how they lasted so long.


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      It's really amazing how much actual salt is in that one gallon of salt water..
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        Here it is in a nutshell:

        Saltwater IS the electrolyte for galvanic corrosion. If the engine block was all pure aluminum with no other metals touching it, then it would last forever. Unfortunately engine blocks cannot be made of pure aluminium because it is not strong enough. You have to put alloys in it to make it stronger and introduce all kinds of other metals to the block in the form of bolts, cylinder liners, ect....

        Galvanic corrosion results.

        Anyway you know all this. What am I explaining it for.

        The thread was about how much salt in one gallon of water..just out of interest.


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          The direct answer to the question by the OP is as follows
          1 gal of seawater weighs about 8.5 lbs. The salt concentration in seawater averages 3.5%, so there's about 0.3 lbs of salt in a gallon of seawater..