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Help! Going from remote back to tiller??

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  • Help! Going from remote back to tiller??

    Have a 1999 Yamaha 25 hp 4-stroke that was once a tiller. Previous owner added forward controls ( all Yamaha ). He kept all parts for going back to tiller...I have them all in a box and have really no idea how they go back on. Have called Yamaha twice and they just scratch there heads as there are no diagrams or direction in a step by step illustration. Does anyone know how to do this? Is there a step by step video ect...

    Thank you

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    Will need the identification information on the ID tag located on transom bracket.

    Here is a 1999 F25ELHX handle parts break down. Is this your model?
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      No video that I know of.

      Is this an electric start or manual start model? I can send you some data that Yamaha published regarding the conversion from tiller handle to remote controlled. Not much but maybe you can do it in reverse to get back to the place the motor was before.

      Send me your email address via PM.


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        Thank you...yes electric start. Please send me any info you have.


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          I need an email address.