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F250 Bad Idle

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  • F250 Bad Idle

    2005 F250, 980 hrs

    Engine ran great Sunday, Monday, then 10 miles home Today. No issues until I get to the slip and pull it to idle and neutral getting ready to dock.

    It then starts idling very rough, sputtering, then revving to 1500-1800' then back down to rough idle, does this a few times and almost cuts off. When I give it throttle there are no issues, I tied it up and washed down done for the day.

    I am concerned about going 50 miles to fish now, any suggestions?

    It's running on a brand new racor water sep, and engine fuel filter that were changed in April. No visible water in bowl. This is the first time it's done this.


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    Plugs done about 100 hrs ago maximum


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      You need to plug the engine into a Yamaha YDS (Yamaha shop should have one) and see what the engine is doing, popped codes, etc...
      1997 Angler 204 CC, 2006 F150 TXR


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        the old F225 and the F250 really don't share a lot of parts.
        the induction system is vastly different.
        the throttle plate on the F250 is the ISC.
        it is controlled by the ECU.
        you need to find a shop that employs a yamaha master tech.
        use the Yamaha dealer locator function.