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anode mounting help

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  • anode mounting help

    Hello, new member here. I have searched other forums and elsewhere and haven't found an answer yet and would appreciate any help.
    First off I have a 1996 24 ft aluminum dual toon pontoon boat that is only to be used in freshwater and trailered to the lake on weekends. I recently purchased a 2002 Yamaha tl115 v4 2 stroke replacement motor and had it installed, after the motor was mounted on the transom the transom mount anode that looks like half a hexagon will not mount up in the factory position, due to a flange of aluminum that protrudes under the transom mounting location. My question is this: First, is it necessary to use the transom anode that mounts with 4 screws to the bottom of the tilt trim at the transom, i am currently using a magnesium anode that mounts to the anticavitation plate? Second, if necessary where is an alternate mounting location that I could mount this or another anode to keep my boat and motor protected? Third, I could drill through this aluminum flange to bolt the transom anode into the factory mount but that would put the aluminum hull and pontoons in the circuit of the anode, but if done this way on my boat it would no be mounted appropriately as this flange is more rounded than the transom anode that is factory with this motor.
    Thanks in advance for any help with my questions and I apologize that this post is so long.