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T60TLR Trim Tilt Wiring Question

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  • T60TLR Trim Tilt Wiring Question

    Newbie question here, but I'm installing a new-to-me 2008 T60TLR with a new 703 control box. The trim switch on the side of the motor works as does the key/start and the trim/tilt switch on the control box lever.

    My question is, there are two small gauge wires on the motor that trace back to the trim/tilt. I don't see where they would connect inside the motor housing and everything appears to work fine without them. I'm not one to believe there are just "extra" wires hanging around. They must serve some purpose.

    Help! And Thank you!

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    Those look like the wires to the trim sender. I mean rheostat. Apologies to rodnut.

    Someone has removed the connector it appears.


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      that is exactly what it is.
      I usually remove the pins from the connector when pulling the wires through the cowl.
      makes it easier.