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Command Link Speed/Fuel Gauge (Square) Buttons not responding

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  • Command Link Speed/Fuel Gauge (Square) Buttons not responding

    I'm new to the forum so hopefully I'm asking this question in the right place, but I own a 2007 Angler 2700 w/ twin Yamaha 225 4 strokes and I'm having an issue with the speed/fuel gauge. I went out this weekend and then filled the tank after fishing. When I fill the tank I usually like to reset the trip TTL so I know how much fuel I've burned after filling up. For some reason the buttons MODE or SET no longer do anything. I have pushed them in a variety of different ways as far as holding them, pressing them once, pressing together, holding together, etc. Nothing changes on the screen. They've always worked flawlessly in the past and the gauge still is working and shows all the data it is supposed to, I just can't get the buttons to work. Anyone experience this before?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sounds like a new gauge is in order ,