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704 binnacle control

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  • 704 binnacle control

    I purchased a 1990 Mako 230WA with a 2000 Yamaha OX66. It has a 704 binnacle control that doesn't work properly with the throttle speeding up and slowing down (in other words real touchy). I noticed that this control is unlike my other boats 704 control in that the shift lever is not straight up in neutral. Is this an adjustment on my shift and throttle on the engine or is the control shot. Seems to me that there is no adjustment on the binnacle control other then increasing the tension on the shifter. Can someone lead me on the right direction here.

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    As far as the shift/throttle lever goes, if you remove the rubber cap off the lever where the button is to remain in neutral, you will see a screw that holds a plate against the lever, remove that screw and plate, pull the lever straight out. There are notches on the lever . You can reposition the lever where it best suits your preference.

    As far as the "speeding up/slowing down", I had a similar problem with my 704 binnacle (would creep slower, never faster). I tried adjusting the friction screw with no help. I removed the control, and pulled the covers off, and cleaned. I then lubricated with Yamaha grease EXCEPT FOR THE TENSION/FRICTION ADJUSTMENT BANDS (they are not to be lubricated) I did have a couple of screws break and had to replace one plate stopper. I bought a new cover, rubber neutral cover, decal, and plate stopper. A lot of work, but solved my problem and the control looks/works like new. I think I may have been better off just replacing the remote for less than $300.

    704-48205-P0-00 Yamaha 704 Premium Single Binnacle
    1997 Mako 191 w/2001 Yamaha SX150 TXRZ Pushing Her


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      704 binnacle control

      Thanks for the info. Pulled the screws and adjusted lever just as you stated. Looks right now and is less confusing if its in neutral or not. Next thing to do now is to adjust throttle/shift linkage.