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2016 Yamaha SX190 1.8L Boat trim

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  • 2016 Yamaha SX190 1.8L Boat trim


    I am new to this forum. My name is Bill. I recently bought a 2016 Yamaha sx190. I like the boat, but the centerline for the propulsion system is a little too high and sprays water all the way to a tub being pulled at 70'. The easiest and most practical way to remedy the problem would be to use a nozzle, trim ring, deflector, and reverse gate that were designed to work together. After doing some research, it seems like a late model Waverunner setup from the nozzle aftward should work great (FX HO, SHO, and maybe a FZS), but I have no way of verifying the nozzle mounting flange. Would someone know or be able to compare the two nozzles to see if it will bolt up to the impeller surface of my boat?


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    Good afternoon,

    Unfortunately, I am not a certified mechanic and do not want to run the risk of answering your question incorrectly. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We offer outboard part forums that are monitored by a five star certified mechanic to help answer your outboard part questions. Please visit After you register, you can post your part questions in the forum. One of our certified mechanics or our dedicated members will offer advice as quickly as possible.

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