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Oil recommended for a 40 hp 2 stroke

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  • Oil recommended for a 40 hp 2 stroke

    I know it sounds like a idiot question but... I just bought my first boat and I need to refill the oil for my two stroke model 2007 so I am looking for recommendations. By the way I ask too for lubricant oil, I have no idea about how to check that

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    The oil that is either added to an oil tank on the motor, or which gets mixed with gasoline (depending upon the type of two stroke motor) is to meet specification TC-W3.

    The oil that is used in the lower unit should be hypoid gear oil with an SAE 90 weight. Oil designed for a marine application might be best.

    For the lower unit you remove the top of two screws to see if you can see oil in the hole. If the motor is new to you it might be best if you drain out what is in the lower unit and then refill the gear case. You fill from the bottom until bubble free oil egresses from the top hole.

    Here is a link to a 40 HP owner's manual that provides these specs plus more.
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      Thank you so much brother!