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lower unit gear oil under pressure on a Yamaha hpdi250

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  • lower unit gear oil under pressure on a Yamaha hpdi250

    after about a 10mi run back to the ramp today shift my boat to neutral and hand it off to my fishing partner to load he then stated would not go in to gear??? feels like its i a bind so we loaded the boat with the winch get back to house i remove the motor cowling check the linkage seems to be all hooked up i am get some what of a Oder of gear oil so i decide to check the gear oil so i remove the top plug seems to be full i then remove the low water pickup screen a proceed to remove the drain plug a and gear sprayed out out 10 ft or more both of covered in gear oil we are like wtf anyone ever experience anything like this and now the sifter works as it should... any help would be greatly apreciated

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    Not making sense.

    It is normal for pressure to build up within the gear case. However, with the top vent plug removed all of the pressure should have escaped.

    Pressurized or not, there should be no effect on the shift mechanism.

    I am at a loss as to what to suggest. Other than to take it to a Yamaha mechanic. Good luck duplicating the issue.