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06 F60TLR Losing Power at High RPMs

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  • 06 F60TLR Losing Power at High RPMs

    I have a 2006 F60TLR that starts and runs great, but after 5 to 10 minutes at 5500 RPMs starts to sound like it's starved for fuel. My tank is venting fine, the primer bulb is full, and I replaced fuel filters, and recently had the injectors reconditioned. This problem started last year, and I thought I had addressed it with the recent maintenance. Is my next course of action the fuel pump? Any other ideas? Is there a way to test the fuel pump?

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    monitor fuel pressures to see what is happening.

    what all filters did you replace/clean?


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      filters replaced

      There is an inline fuel filter; there's also one in a water separating canister near the fuel rail. I think that's it, other than the fuel separator in installed. I am not near the motor, so I can't take a do you recommend I test the fuel pressure?
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        Sorry - saw TLR but missed the four stroke.


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          Gunk and particulates

          So I pulled off the intake manifold and opened up the VST. The reservoir had a lot of build up and the filter seems filled with sediment. I also cleaned out the internal water separator and found tons of varnish-like particulates. See the pics. The VST reservoir was so gunked up, I couldn't free up the drain, even using Seafoam and air pressure. So I am replacing the VST reservoir and filter, the water separator reservoir and float, and some additional pieces. $300.

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            did that fix your problem?
            I believe It should have


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              The new parts should arrive on Thursday. I hope to have it back together by the weekend for a test run. I wish Yamaha made the VST easier to access. But then again, they probably didn't anticipate this ethanol problem. Thanks for the input.


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                You have to wonder how bad your tank and lines are with all of that coming from them.
                how quick will it plug them up again


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                  try running some Starbrite fuel / injector cleaner in fuel form time to time. I am amazed on how great this stuff works, cleans out water, and keeps fuel system clean..


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                    Originally posted by 99yam40 View Post
                    You have to wonder how bad your tank and lines are with all of that coming from them.
                    how quick will it plug them up again
                    Per 99Yam40...
                    Be sure to check your tank and fuel lines, especially the fuel lines.

                    It is known that ethanol breaks down the inside liner of fuel lines not approved for ethanol use.
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