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Water Pump Seals 1995 150 v6 2stroke

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  • Water Pump Seals 1995 150 v6 2stroke


    I am hoping someone can help me out here. I have been having a few over heating issues and am starting with the simple thing of checking the water pump. While checking it I have noticed that there was a missing part.
    1995 150TXRT Yamaha Outboard LOWER CASING DRIVE 4 L150TRT L200TRT Diagram and Parts

    Item 14 was missing. Item 13/15 where damaged. As Item 14 was missing, item 15 was half inserted into the water pump.

    I have now got a new item 13/14/15. As i understand it item 13 goes in, item 14 holds it in with the small dowel clips, but I don't quite understand where item 15 is meant to go. Does it just sit on top of 14 and slide onto the water tube or should it be clipped in somehow?

    Thanks for your help!

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    item 15 goes into the midsection and helps hold the water tube stable.