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Fuel pressure regulator screen OX66

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  • Fuel pressure regulator screen OX66

    Can anyone tell me how to access the fuel pressure regulator filter screen? I looked at the diagram and it's kinda hard to tell if it's inside the VST tank or how to get to it. I have an 02 250 ox66.

    Also if anyone knows, if that screen clogs what symptoms would that cause? Thanks

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    I never had a problem with that screen (part # 65L-13905-00-00). Anyway, you'll have to at least disconnect the VST from the block and remove the two screws holding the regulator. If you do go to the trouble, be sure you replace the o-ring (part # 65L-24486-00-00) as well.
    If your are suspecting a fuel starvation problem, you should check the VST filter, motor filter, and water separator filter. In order to access the VST filter, you'll have to disconnect it from the block, remove the 10 screws from the top (be sure to use a philips screwdriver that fits properly to prevent stripping the screw heads). Drain the VST tank before doing so by loosing/removing the drain screw at the bottom front of the tank. Check the odd shaped o-ring that seals the tank. That o-ring (part # 66K-14984-00-00) costs about $25. Unless you are absolutely sure it is OK, you'll have to change that.

    Good luck!
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      Thanks. I was able to get it out and clean it it was dirty. I've basically done everything I can do on my end, all filters and pumps from tank to injectors so it may be time for a mechanic. I'm going to water test today just to see but I'm not optimistic. Thanks


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        the symptoms of that filter being restricted will be rich running,smoking and fouling of plugs.