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Trim Gauge Flashing-Multifunction Tach

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  • Trim Gauge Flashing-Multifunction Tach

    I can't seem to get my Multifunction Tach to respond to the trim sender.
    This is a new install and the tach works fine.
    It shows full bars with the top bar flashing
    I have verified the signal to the gauge and set the dip switch for 2 wire sender.
    At the motor end (New 50HP 4 Stroke High Thrust) the signal goes from a black and white wire on the sending unit to a black and a pink wire on the connector for the harness. The pink wire then goes to a white/red ?? (I'm color-blind) in the harness to the same wire color on the gauge.

    The Resistance reading on the black to red/wht goes from 0 ohms to 360 when actuating the sending unit.

    Please help.

    Also a wiring diagram would be very helpful if any one has one.


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    What harness is being used to convey engine information (oil pressure, temperature, trim) from the motor to the tachometer?

    Does your M/F tachometer have one single four pin nylon connector or two?

    Pink is used from the trim sender to the engine harness to the trim/oil harness to the tachometer harness. Should not be changing colour along the way.
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        there are two connectors on the tach


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          I can't find the part number for the harness. At the tach end the tach has two connectors which mate properly to the harness.
          At the motor end there seems to be only one place to be able to plug in one of the connectors which is the connector with the pink wires on it.
          I have attached two pics, one at the tach end and one at the motor.

          Also is there a way to verify the temp and oil pressure alarms

          thanks so much for your help

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            That is a tachometer for a 2004 and earlier Yam trying to work with a 2005 and later Yam.

            An adapter harness is needed.


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              Looks like the harness will do the trick.


              Can i just cut and splice to get pin 5 to move to the other connector?

              and save $75 bucks.