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Yamaha 70 2 stroke 1995 trim/ dust seals

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  • Yamaha 70 2 stroke 1995 trim/ dust seals


    Just a question (maybe stupid but..)

    I have to change the dust seals on trim cyl. I bought dust seals (6H1-43822-10 ) and the seals installed on the trim are not the same as those I bought.

    The 6H1-43822-10 has a sort of lip on one side.
    The question is : The lip goes facing trim cyl or the other way??

    Thanks for help

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    As i wrote ( may be a stupid question), no answer from anybody, then it must be


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      I have seen some stupid questions but yours is not one of them.

      I missed your question from several days ago.

      The problem you have is that you are not following the service manual.

      Here is a snippet.


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        Thanks for your answer, but this is a doubt.
        Your snipp picture is different then this one.
        I have a 70BETOL and the closest one is 70TLRT

        Here is a snipp pic from 70TLRT

        As you can see this picture doesn't have a small o-ring in the center of the cyl cap.
        Also, the seal that i ordered is (6H1-43822-10)different.

        Here are some photos, and i think that you see my doubt.

        the second photo (seal) you can see a small lip. The other side of dust seal doesn't have that lip, it's "flat".
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          boscoe99 ?


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            The illustration that I posted also has a flat side and a lipped side.

            The lipped side appears to go up.


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              Here is what i had in mind when I was talking about "lip".

              Here is a picture, with a cross section of dust seal.

              So, the dust seal should be placed on the cyl cap (as in picture) according to No.1 or No.2. ???
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                I don't understand what you are trying to say. Or do.

                The seal has a flat side. A flat bottom really. The flat bottom goes on the downward side.

                Think of the flat side fitting into a flat cut in the trim cylinder cap.

                The lip goes away from the cylinder.

                What orientation is your service manual telling to position the dust seal to?

                Maybe it is time to think about taking the trim unit to a Yamaha mechanic and have him install the seal for you.


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                  In the service manual, as in your picture from service manual you can see that the dust seal cross section isnt equal to cross section that i drawn.
                  I will put the seal as in picture next to orange nuber one.
                  The seal lip, will go away from the trim cyl cap, or as you may see from pictire that is facing up.

                  So the right alingment is number 1.


                  Thank you for your help boscoe99, you are thr only who was able to provide an answer


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                    Yes. Number one.