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Yamaha 115 trim problem

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  • Yamaha 115 trim problem


    First, excuse me for my english it's not that great and my expressions will be wierd to you but ill give my best.

    I have a problem with trim on my 115hp engine. It sits usually around 3-4 months in the sea rest it is out stored. 2 years ago i had problem with cylinder also, my engine didnt want to go up or down. Trim oil was leaking and didnt had pressure. I went for service and they replaced it because it had warranty. After 2 years this is how it looks like. Year ago I replaced zinc anode ( I hope it is called like that, it is that thing on the bottom of the trim that protects metal parts from sea ) It is just matter of time that oil starts leaking again. Do i need to replace whole trim or i can just repair cylinders with new bushings?
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    I would replace the unit again and find a different way to store the boat when not in use. lift or trailer.
    looks like the T&T sits mostly under water for months to look like that.
    stray currents or just in salt water is bad on them and I do not think they are designed to sit under water for months
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      Why don't the stern brkts look bad also?


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        I'm a little confused with what exactly is the issue. 2 years ago it was leaking hydro fluid, the unit was replaced as you say. You say it's just a matter of time before it leaks again, which brings me to the conclusion that it's not leaking now. What did i miss?

        And I 2nd 99yam...the engine should never never ever ever be stored in salt water. Ever. Never. But if you do, YES, its a matter of time before you have the same problem, amoung many others to boot.
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          Many many people store their Yamaha's in salt water with nary a problem. Down in Costa Rica they leave their boats moored in the briney blue year round. Ramps are few and far between and trailers and boat ramps are fewer still.

          Your unit appears to be under attack by electrolysis. And it is rather strange that the clamp brackets are not being eaten up at all. What do the anodes look like?

          You need an electroylis spe******t to investigate and find out what is happening where you keep your boat moored.

          Unfortunately, your trim and tilt unit is not long for this world IMO.


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            Interesting pictures.
            Looks like the paint has just fallen off or has been dissolved off. There is hardly any corrosion but bare metal, except for the caps! The oil leak suggests the seals nolonger seat properly because of possible severe corrosion under these caps.

            Electrolysis is possible because the trim unit is made of a different alloy composition to the brackets (the body different to the caps also).


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              I'm thinking too that electrolysis is an issue here. Only thing that confuses me it's that boat next to me doesn't have problems like me.

              How can I deal with electrolysis?


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                Originally posted by picolovac22 View Post
                I'm thinking too that electrolysis is an issue here. Only thing that confuses me it's that boat next to me doesn't have problems like me.

                How can I deal with electrolysis?
                You can setup a counter electric field with your battery and an inert electrode in the water.
                But I wonder whether you have a problem with the way your battery and earth has been wired. You need a positive and a negative in water ( the dirtier or saltier the better) to create destructive electrolysis . If you have an earth on your engine but have a leak from your trim motor insulation , you may have accelerated electrolysis.
                You will need an expert to test for this.
                Normally to avoid this is to disconnect your battery. And make sure there is an adequate earth strap between your trim and the metal body of the rest of your engine; the shorter the better. I suspect that your engine leg is completely trimmed up out of the water. It is clear that your trim unit remains immersed in the water.