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1988 115 oil pump

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  • 1988 115 oil pump

    So after 6 months of sitting its time to get her ready.ive done the typical drain the carbs.fresh fuel.change lower unit.cleaned the fuel filter on the motor.pulled the thermostats cleaned and checked them.when i pulled the plugs i noticed the bottom left cylinder was full of oil.i turned motor over to blow it all out.put fresh plugs in it and fired it up.she smoked like crazy.typical right? Upon further inspection i noticed the tilt trim wires sitting on top of the oil pump i tied them out of the way figured that was causing the oil pump to hang up allowing to much oil.after running her i noticed the smoke has cleared up to the typical smoke from a 2 stroke.however im still noticing alot more oil than id like to see come out of the prop.where the exhaust this normal? Is there a way to make sure the oil pump isnt adding to much oil.she doesnt run you turn her on.she runs that good.any help would be thankful on this subject.i just dont want to hurt the motor.anything else should i do prior to running her for the first time?

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    one of the oil pump check vales are leaking.


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      So os there a rebuild kit i could get to solve this issue.or should i just but another oil pump?