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Command link not recognizing engine

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  • Command link not recognizing engine

    I have a strange problem that hope someone can answer. After flipping on my battery switches my port motor does not tilt or start. My round command link gauges doesn't appear to recognize engine as well. I checked all battery connections and all look good voltage wise. Any ideas? Motors are 2015 Yamaha 250NCA.
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    No tilt and no cranking (you say start but I am assuming the motor is not cranking) indicates a fuse is blown. No power to the engine also means the engine's ECU cannot provide engine data to a CL gauge.

    Check the fuse.

    I presume that your model is an F250NCA. F indicating that it is a four stroke model.

    On some unboatable day take the time to read the owner's manual. See page 97 here


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      Thanks, engine is F250NCA. I will check fuse and let you know. What btw, would typically cause fuse to blow? Boat has a Guest battery charger could that do it? These are new engines with about
      7hrs on them. other item i noticed on controls is yellow looking light on throttle. This is the new Dec twin engine binnacle throttle.
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        seems I have read about fuses blowing when the battery cables are hooked up backwards.

        Other than that, you would have to short a + wire to ground on the far side of the fuse


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          I am guessing that the yellow light results from the engine not communicating with the control box. Again, because of a blown fuse. Engine cannot talk to the DEC and cannot talk to the gauge.

          Has someone been playing with the battery connections lately? I can say first hand that connecting the cables backwards will blow a fuse.


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            Check all the installation. Something may not have properly been tightened and rattles perhaps making a short somewhere.
            Murphy's law probably suggests some tinkering with the battery. I don't know what it is, many a careful person has put in a battery in reverse, or has connected in reverse ( but I swear and double checked that!!)