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NO Spark HELP!!! 1992 Yamaha 115hp V4

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  • NO Spark HELP!!! 1992 Yamaha 115hp V4

    Good morning my fellow outboards people.

    Im having an issue!

    i bought an outboard without having an ability to start it, only check compression.
    Its the 1992 115 hp v4 engine that you have to premix manually with oil.

    It turns over nice but does not have spark in any of the plugs. I disconnected to white lead from the power pack and it still did not have spark.

    What could be the problem?

    also what are the proper steps to test the other electrical components. I don't want to change anything i don't need to change.

    Thank you so much ahead of time.

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    have a look at your kill switch


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      The service manual for your motor will have instructions on how to test the ignition system components with the spec and what test equipment to use.

      basically inputs and outputs of the CDI with a DVA adapter and regular volt meter or a special meter made for testing these ignition Systems


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        Sounds good , thanks for the input , I am going to be testing this week. One thing I did notice is that the 4 leads that are connected to the power pack labeled trigger , they all have a darker burn type mark , I'm thinking maybe it is the trigger but I guess we will wait till I get results with the meter


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          if in fact,with the white wire removed from the CDI, you have no spark on all 4.

          my guess is low speed charge coil or the cdi.

          odds of losing both pulser coils at once are slim.


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            Thanks, I called an outboard spe******t and hes going to do a diagnostic for $150 today. This will give me a pretty good idea what it is. Then I can move forward.


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              150 bucks?
              man it takes less than 15 min to run a full diagnostics on that system.

              I am charging to little.

              we already know its one or the other component just based on the spark test.


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                So he came yesterday and ran his "diagnostic" he didn't have any manuals with him to verify if everything is under specs regarding ohms or voltages. He stated that the trigger(pulsar) is bad and needs to be changed because it is not getting the 7V when turning over on the white/red - white/yellow and white/black - white/green leads.

                I ran my own test regarding ohms on all the leads ( trigger and stator ) _ unscrewed the wires from the CDI unit and tested.

                for the trigger i got 333 ohms for both white/red - white/yellow and white/black - white/green lead.

                for the stator i got 690 on the brown-red and 14 on the blue-black/red

                all the ohm reading match the troubleshooting numbers that i got from some website.

                I am lost and dont know what to change first. Trigger ? Stator? CDI?

                thanks for the help guys, Its expensive to pay $150 for just an "opinion"


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                  For that $150 you should have at the least gotten a detailed ohm readings and peak voltage reading of all inputs to CDI and the outputs loaded and unloaded.
                  So that you could compare to specs in service manual.

                  From what Rodbolt said there should be two charge coils (low speed and high speed) and 2 triggers(pulser coils)inputs to the CDI, and then the outputs of CDI to the individual plug coils.

                  One trigger should not take out all plugs
                  If good voltage into the CDI at cranking speed and bad out with white wire removed, both triggers would need to be bad to kill spark to all plugs.
                  If bad voltage into CDI then you will not get good out
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                    Yikes !!

                    $150 seems way high as that system is Soooo simple.. a DVM (Fluke) with a CDI DVA test lead would show the issue FAST,, I think Rodbolt said it correctly....and always,always ck the kill lanyard switch first....many times over the yr's while working in a harbor I'd hear crank,,crank,,crank...So i'd walk over to lend a hand and Lo and Behold.. The kill lanyard is not hooked up!! Too many times to count...LOL


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                      Thanks guy. I was kind of disappointed with the marine mechanic. oh well... anyways, I will go ahead and check the voltages going in to the cdi (trigger and stator) and then going out of the cdi to the coils. my question is; what testing equip do I need and the procedure of how to check.(step by step) I know i probably need the DVI converter.

                      ps. i did disconnect the white wire to check if the kill switch is the culprit. I checked with pressing the leads to the ground and the white wire. When the kill switch is clipped in it doesnt have continuity, but when it is unclipped, the voltmeter makes the continuity beep. so Im sure that works and is good.


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                        have a look here
                        Technical Support | CDI Electronics


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                          So I ran some tests today , looks like the resistance is perfect from the trigger but only got .45v with a standard ac voltmeter , I know I need the dva but and heard that if you can't use one then you devide the Rams reading by 0.707 and you get a pretty good image of where it should be. I'm thinking that .45v is way too low. The charge cool on a standard voltmeter shows 65v and 10v so I'm guessing the stator is doing good on that part. The question is , if the triggers are not showing any or barely power, would that be the problem and how would I be able to see if the cdi is bad or not if there is no trigger releasing the power to the coils.


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                            and one more question, does the cdi send any power to the trigger or does the trigger only send a voltage to the power pack in order to tell the stored power in the capacitor to go to the coils. I am getting very confused haha. I ordered a DVA that will come in next week and also about to order a new trigger.


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                              Rod said it has 2 ,
                              do both triggers(pulsers) have the same output and Ohms?