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2004 Yamaha T60 outboard issue

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  • 2004 Yamaha T60 outboard issue

    There is a hose that is sticking out the front part of the engine near the steering bars. there is plastic nipple on the end that looks broken and at high rpms it occasionally shoots out cold water. The comes from the lower unit. The engine runs great and water comes out the rear of the motor where it should. Any ideas on what that line is and why it shoots out water.

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    I don't know these engines all that well, but it sounds like a pitot tube. It would normally hook-up to a speedometer. The water pressure inside the tube, compresses the air inside the tube, which turns the needle of a speedometer. Since you said the water only spits out occasionally, I would also assume that the tube is either broken somewhere lower or that the pitot inlet is clogged (which is quite common). In other words, if that tube is, indeed, what I'm thinking... it should have a solid stream of water coming out of it, the strength of which is in relation to how fast you are going.
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      +1^^^, that's exactly what it is...

      If not using it, simply cap it off..
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