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power loss, stalling

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  • power loss, stalling


    I have a 130 ETLF outboard that started running rough and stalling. It restarts after you pump the ball (fuel line) and or choke it.

    It idles smoothly most of the time, but runs rough or stalls anytime you need power. It will start when i move the throttle, but starts running rough and stalls after 3-5 seconds.

    If I pump the ball while i'm accellerating I can keep it from stalling, but this only lasts a few seconds and it starts to stall again.

    I'm thinking it is a fuel supply issue, possibly filter, etc but I'm not familiar with the components involved.

    I also just added Evinrude / Johnson XD 30 2 cycle oil, which the local shop recommended, as nobody in the area has yamaha oil. We used approximately 10 gallons of fuel after this oil was added to the reservoir before experiencing the issue.

    I appreciate any help you can offer

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    this one is to easy.
    clean carbs.
    replace fuel pump
    clean repace ALL fuel lines.
    motor good.
    aint no easy nor cheap ares fix.