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  • Overheated


    Another topic on overheated engines and I have scanned previous post without finding any suitable answers. Maybe someone knows what it could be and can give a few tips?
    Last week the engine overheated before we even got out of the harbor. The cooling system was fine at the start and there was a nice stream of water coming out of the cooling outlet vent. After a few minutes in the 2-3 knots less and less water comes out of the vent until it totally disappears and the engine overheats.

    We let the engine cool down a while and then tested again, when we tried to accelerate the engine only coughed without any effect.

    It's a Yamaha 60hp 1989 (60FETO) that previously have worked just fine. It has become overheated a few times before but then at higher speeds or the boat has been heavily loaded. The alarm has gone off, and we have let it cool down and then it's fine again.
    The things that we immediately came to mind:
    - Replaced the impeller, but it made no difference.
    Everything looked good, sprint on site etc.
    - This is already removed and it cools constant

    Clogged pipes
    - Took off the rubber hoses and blew clean, have also flushed water through the rest of the system and it flows freely.
    As it cools with very strong beam from the beginning it should it is probably not due to this.
    Have read about Poppet Valve online but haven´t looked into this yet, will it be worth checking out?

    What else can it be when the water first cools and then more or less just evaporate and the engine ends up overheated?