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99 Yamaha F40TLRX High Idle

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  • 99 Yamaha F40TLRX High Idle

    I have a question about my Yamaha F40TLRX. The motor runs perfectly through all rpm's while in gear. My problem is while in neutral it has a consistent high idle. If I manually hold the choke rod in the down position (towards #4 carb) it idles perfect. From looking at parts diagrams I am wondering if this is an indication that I need to replace my solenoid coil?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I have the exact same motor and problem. I would love to know what you found out about yours.


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      Two guys have the exact same motor. And the exact same problem. Both are not running. First guy finds his motor is out of gasoline. Second guy finds he has a rod through his block.

      Joshmack has not been here in almost a year.

      His problem, what ever it was, even though the symptoms seem to be the same as yours, might be completely different from your problem.

      Better if you start your own new thread, describe your problem fully, when it happens and when it does not, and see if you can get some help specific to your particular motor.


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        I ended up changing out my spark plugs replaced the fuel pump assembly and then took all 4 carbs off and cleaned them with an ultrasonic cleaner. Once they were clean I remounted the carbs and synced them up per the Yamaha service manual tolerances. I still have the manual in pdf form if you need it just let me know and I will email it to you.


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          So is it fixed???

          Was there crap in the carb?
          1997 Angler 204 CC, 2006 F150 TXR


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            It would be awesome to have a copy of that service manual. would be the email address. Thanks!


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              Yes it is fixed, crap in the carb is an understatement! It runs and idles perfectly now.


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                Paragons - I just emailed that service manual to you, let me know when you receive it. You stated above that you had the same exact motor that I do (1999 F40TLRX) if you have a different model I have a lot of pdf's of Yamaha service manuals so just let me know the year and model number and I will look to see if I have that one in particular. Hope this helps


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                  I received the email, thanks so much! I have new plugs and I have cleaned the carbs. What seems to be my problem is a faulty prime start. I tested it in 85 degree weather and it took it about 3 minutes to move. When it did move it only moved about 1/8" and I need about 1/4" of movement to slow my engine speed. Before I spend $150 for a new one I'm trying to find out if 1/8 inch of movement is the norm or should it be moving further? Does anyone have any ideas?


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                    your chasing a ghost.
                    wrong dog.
                    wrong rabbit.
                    I explained on another thread why.


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                      I read your response on the other thread and it was as helpful as the one you made here. Do you have anything to suggest that is helpful?


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                        check idle timing.
                        check that the engine temp is correct.
                        check the carb link and sync.
                        but the enrichment valve is working as designed.
                        if it failed to extend it would idle very rich and run like a mutt.
                        if it failed to retract cold starts would be almost impossible.


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                          Originally posted by rodbolt17 View Post
                          your chasing a ghost.
                          wrong dog.
                          wrong rabbit.
                          I explained on another thread why.
                          When I read your comments they kinda ticked me off. I had to fight the urge to be a smarta** in return. Then it dawned on me that you had responded to me much the same way I would have responded to someone. That's when I asked If you had anything helpful to add. Your suggestions along with having the service manual and approaching it methodically led to me aligning the carbs at -10 mm Hg progressively as the manual states and then when I got to the fast idle lever adjustment it all came together. I had never dealt with carbs that are intentionally not equally balanced but now I have. She is running great on muffs, we'll see how she does under a load when it stops raining. Thanks everyone for your help.


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                            your F40 is a mercury with Yamaha silver/blue paint.
                            all the way down to the Motorola electronics.

                            yep I can be sharp but I try to make folks think about it rather than blindly following some interweb stuff or wrong youtube stuff.
                            not everything on the net is correct and not every video on you tube is right.

                            nice thing about it, I will be just as sharp with you at the parts counter yet I will walk you through anything you need.

                            I have only asked one customer, so far, if he was a special kind of stupid.

                            this was after he wanted to buy an ECU for his sx150 based on his auto mokanic son inlaws diagnoses.

                            when he explained what was happening I told him it was not the ECU but most likely the filter at the remote oil tank based on his description of the issue after me playing 20 questions.
                            sometimes it takes 30 questions to get to why you wish to buy a 1400 dollar part that is NOT returnable.

                            I sent him out with a 12 dollar filter and two wire ties and it worked.

                            good thing I don't make commission off of parts .

                            so I was not trying to piss you off nor slight you in any way, trying to make you think about your question and why your chasing a ghost or the wrong rabbit.

                            god knows I have chased both enough for 40 yrs or so.