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Yamaha 25hp 2-stroke

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  • Yamaha 25hp 2-stroke

    Looking for advice on replacing my fuel line assembly for my engine. I purchased a 3/8" assembly to replace my old one but 3/8" is definitely larger than what I am using now. What size fuel line is best to use for this engine? 5/16" or 1/4"? Also, I am using a mini-10 within the fuel line as well. In addition, can anyone recommend a 6 gallon tank that doesn't leak? Thanks in advance!
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    Mueller makes great red polyethylene tanks that will last for years....regarding fuel line size/diameter, use about the same as fact, I'd highly recommend Yamaha original equipment fuel Auto-Zone/automotive hoses should be used...only marine specified hoses...


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      Thanks for the reply. I found the Yamaha OEM fuel lines on the Interweb, however I am unsure what Yamaha recommends for a line size for this engine (nothing in the manual on this). I am thinking it is either 1/4" or 5/16". Is there anyway to find out for sure? Thanks again.


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        being it is a Yamaha I am sure it is metric.
        But a 5/16" or 3/8" would work and would not cause any restriction to effect the motor

        1/4" may be good enough, but who knows for sure with the extra filter you installed.
        Did you try measuring your old one?


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          Thanks...haven't tried measuring yet. Is it the inside diameter? Thinking I will go with the 5/16" which is 8mm metric...