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99 130 saltwater series tach not working

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  • 99 130 saltwater series tach not working

    Hi my tachometer is very faint, when the engine is running it jumps in and out of readings and are bairly visible. When you get up over 25 knots it goes into alarm. I purchased a second hand tachometer and it does the same thing, I've cleaned up the battery terminals and traced the wiring, looks all good. Any ideas?

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    typically if the tach display is faint its either a bad display or low voltage.
    the alarm is an engine problem not a tach issue.


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      Apply battery power (12.7 volts) directly to the tachometer. Ground to the black wire and positive to the yellow wire. All pixels should light up and there should be good contrast.

      If the tachometer now works you have a wiring problem to be fixed. If not, you have another bad tachometer.

      Given that the alarm is being activated I am guessing that you have a voltage issue to the tachometer and/or the motor.

      Wiring "looks good" does not cut it. It can look good on the outside but not be good on the inside.

      What is the battery voltage measured directly at the battery when the alarm sounds? What is the voltage when measured on the motor when the alarm sounds? What is the voltage on the CDI yellow wire when the alarm sounds? Is the ground to the CDI in good condition?

      You might just want to disconnect and reconnect all of the connectors on the motor (particularly those going to the CDI) several times to try and scrub off any corrosion that may exist.

      Oh, and any place where there is a black ground wire attached to the block, remove and clean that connector. Also, the block where the connector attaches. Carefully snug the bolt down. Don't over tighten it.
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        Cheers guys, see how I go.


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          Originally posted by Angusrob1 View Post
          Cheers guys, see how I go.
          Just exactly what does that mean?